Tuesday, 20 March 2007

We have/are moooving!

I finally got the new blogger import to work, so, I'm using wordpress on my own hosting now. Please update your links, RSS etc. Thanks! :)


Time flies.

I'm not doing so well with the not spending unnecessary money it would seem. I'm going to try to rectify that since I only have about £100 to last me until April 16th...

I also missed a few expenses off of this, car insurance because while it's come out of my account I'm still not 100% sure how much it was because they made changes. When it shows up on the statement I'll consider it gone. Also, I ordered two books off of amazon - totaling about £12, but I plan to get reimbursed for that as Easter presents.

They were...

I'm working towards a goal of a more varied and healthy diet and I'd heard good things about these books. Once they arrive I'm going to aim to try one recipe a week and work out what I like, don't like and can grow to like. I'm an incredibly fussy eater and a huge cheesatarian so it should be good to get some variation...

Monday 19th March

Broccoli £0.42
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream £2.50
Curly Fries £0.99
Waffles £1.69
Pepper £0.78
Organic Goats Cheese £1.29
Pasta £0.85
Crisps £0.48
Quorn Escallops £1.99
Bagels £0.70
Lindor Egg £0.50
Cheese Baps £0.20
Butternut Chunks £0.75
Houmous £0.99
Birthday Card £1.85
Gift Voucher £10

Totals so far...
Necessary £141.46 73.41%
Unnecessary £51.25 26.59%

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Lazy Days

Friday 16th March

Petrol £5
Mini Eggs £0.99
Mars Eggs £0.99

Mother's Day Card £2.95
Phone Credit £10

Saturday 17th March

Celebrations £2.87

Sunday 18th March

Mother's Day Chocolate £4.97
Mother's Day Thingy £0.99
Pizza £2.45
Cheese £1.84
Pepper £0.89
Cucumber £0.52
Spaghetti Hoooooops £0.46
Hula Hoops £0.34

Totals so far...
Necessary £123.83 74.27%
Unnecessary £42.90 25.73%

Friday, 16 March 2007

No Surprises

Thursday 15th March

Photocopying 0.64
Baguette 1.70

Totals so far...

Necessary £98.51 74.93%
Unnecessary £32.96 25.07%

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Wednesday 14th March

Cat food 15.00

Totals so far...
Necessary £97.87 75.79%
Unnecessary £31.26 24.21%

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Evaluation of the first two weeks...

I don't think I'll have time to evaluate this tomorrow, so I'll look at it now.

The two weeks of normal spending is pretty much up. It's so easy to see the common places I waste money. There was also the near miss with Sonic & The Secret Rings (Wii) (would have been £17 as my boyfriend and I were going to split it, but in the end we completed it and returned it :S haha) and also I get so tempted by books but I've been really good with that for quite a while now.

Amazon used to be my worst thing, but I really tried to cut that out at the beginning of the Uni year. Although as a result my wishlist is triple it's usual size :S (Or it was until I was really cruel with it yesterday and hacked it to pieces)

Looking at my old Amazon orders, I've only ordered myself one book since the end of August and it was a uni book. I did however blow £350 on a camcorder not long after that...

Anyway, looking at the spending... The totals for two weeks and the cost should I live like that for a year (which is unrealistic but it's a nice shocktastic way to curb the spending)

Alcohol - £13.55
Cost - £352.30
I doubt I'll be drinking again for a while anyway, considering the other night...

Chocolate - £8.29
Cost - £215.54
That's really scary... although I did vow at the weekend to not buy myself chocolate

Other junk food - £9.42
Cost - £244.92

Total - £812.76

Not really surprisingly, since I already curbed the book/music/game outlet at the end of summer, it's all foooood. Vending machines are definitely my downfall. I've been taking a bottle of water to uni to stop myself buying Ribena and I really have got to remember to eat before going to uni. I'm sure that would stop the vending machine snacking. As for supermarket bought snacks... I'm trying.

It's definitely been interesting. The next two weeks are no doubt going to be difficult, I do so love my M&Ms :(

I'm contemplating keeping a food log in conjunction with this, although I'm really not sure I want to know what I've been eating. I'm sure if I have to blog it I'll think twice before looking like a gluttonous heifer... so maybe it would be a good thing.

Squaternut Bosh

Tuesday 13th March

Celery £0.68
Butternut Squash Chunks £0.20 (oh yeah, how amazing is that!)
Red Pepper £0.78
Carrot £0.10
Cucumber £0.47
Coconut £0.10
Waffles £0.95
Printer Paper £2.24
Houmous £0.74
Wraps £0.79
Petrol £10
Pizza £0.88 (while I needed a meal this wasn't necessarily the most healthy choice, and I could have made something out of all of the above without it)

Totals so far...
Necessary £82.87 72.61%
Unnecessary £31.26 27.39%